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UniSUC Starter Pack

(9 customer reviews)



An Innovative & Universal Solution for Adult Incontinence

UniSUC is short for Unisex Siphoning Urinary Catheter (an incontinence catheter).  It\’s a non-invasive (external) urine management system for use in various adult incontinence populations, including the bed-bound or those with limited mobility

Improves Patient Quality of Care

UniSUC achieves this by meeting the following criteria:

  • Versatility
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Low Cost



  • Designed for all adult Females and Males, “One-size-fits-all”.
  • Flexible, the frame can conform to the contour shape of small-to-large body frames.

One device can be used on either female or male patients, and its unique internal tube frame design is adjustable and flexible to fit a range of adult sizes small-to-large body shapes


  • Patient can perform range of motion while in bed without dislodging the EUCD when underwear is worn over UniSUC.
  • Can be Sitting, Supine, Semi-Fowler, or Lateral positions.



UniSUC’s unique tube frame design integrated with a vacuum/suction source & fluid collection canister*, enclosed in a sleeve liner with an absorbent-wicking fabric (skin-facing) side, provides the most effective Wicking + Siphoning urinary incontinence management system.

(*Medical Suction & Collection Canister device not included with starter kits, sold separately)


Another unique and key feature of UniSUC’s design is it only requires minimal mounting pressure (unlike PureWick or PrimaFit) in order to siphon urine when properly and comfortably seated along the skin folds of the pelvic region. This also prevents fluid leakage while allowing airflow along the crevices of the skin folds (thanks to the Absorbent-Wicking Fabric layer) to effectively siphon 95% or greater of the fluids


Designed for air flow from perimeter edges of lower pelvic/abdominal area inflow towards lower perineal suction area.


UniSUC can consistently remove fluid even with high fluid discharge which reduces and prevents moisture accumulation


  • The effect of continuous aeration decreases mycobacterial environment to effectively reduce intertrigo (redness, yeast infection, chapping of skin).

As an added benefit from the combination of an absorbent-wicking fabric over a tube frame with integrated suction, UniSUC’s design allows air to flow naturally between the absorbent side of the liner and the patient\’s skin surface, which minimizes/reduces moisture, and Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI\’s). UniSUC is particularly effective (when properly and comfortably seated between skin folds in the pelvic region) in preventing or reducing intertrigo, groin rash, yeast infections and other skin disorders commonly associated with CAUTIs



The cup-shape formation of the Liner (after the Frame is inserted into it), requires little or no pressure and can simply catch fluid effectively for all genders. (unlike other competing EUCD\’s like PureWick or PrimaFit)

Memory shape Frame Device feature utilizes the crevices of the skin to create a seal to keep fluids in:

  • The Frame device retains memory shape which allows customization specific for each patient’s shape; custom fit.
  • When inserted into the Liner, it will comfortably conform to the contours of the specific patient’s body shape (all adult sizes) and utilize the skin folds along the groin areas to maintain a seal to keep fluids within the liner.
  • Watch our demonstration video on how UniSUC works!


No adhesives are required in order to attach to the patient. The skin contact side of the disposable liners is a soft-to-skin, highly absorbent wicking fabric; material similarly used for baby diapers and/or sanitary pads


Frame is made from soft PVC (same as the vacuum tubes), with a subtle feel on the skin.


Same feel as diapers or sanitary pads on the skin as our Liners are made with same type of material.


The sleeve liner is the one-time use component of this system.  These disposable Liners are simple to remove and easy to install.  We recommend replacement every 8-12 hours (1 per shift, or as needed) to maintain proper hygiene care.



  • Reusability of Frame – For Hospitals, this means one frame for one patient used throughout the extent of hospital stay, and the frame can go home with the patient. Simply rinse with soap & water for reuse.
  • Disposability of Liner – Designed for 8-12hr shift use, change as needed when soiled. Only Liner is to be disposed of.

UniSUC is also designed to be a much lower cost per patient use.  This is achieved with a hybrid approach; the Reusability of the Frame component and Disposability of the Liner component.  The UniSUC liner is significantly lower cost per use cycle compared to other disposable external catheter products available in the market today.  And again, it\’s universally applicable to both Male and Female patients!


One EUCD to cover multiple types (regardless of size, shapes, gender) of patients. Reduces inventory stocking of different brands. Thereby, reducing other unnecessary devices not effective for patient use.

FDA Registered

  • FDA Registration Number:  3023230882
  • Owner/Operator: 10085596,
  • Listing Number D477174
*Please NOTE:  Fluid Collection Container and Vacuum source NOT INCLUDED, SOLD SEPARATELY:

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 9 × 9 in
UniSUC Starter Pack

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External Urinary Catheter

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9 reviews for UniSUC Starter Pack

  1. AlPep LLC

    Superb customer service!
    Needed fast shipping and did not see option on eBay so wrote to ask for help and you have been super helpful and we appreciate it! Thanks again!
    – Chris K. –

  2. AlPep LLC

    People should know there is an alternative to PureWick which is quite expensive.
    I just want to say how nice this product is in caring for my elderly mother. It has helped immensely in keeping her dry at night and has lessened our worries of reopening bed sores she got while in the hospital. Not to mention how nice it is that she is dry in the morning
    – JULIE K. –

  3. AlPep LLC

    I pray it works better than PureWick
    I finally used these on my mom today because I ran out of purewicks and It WORKS!!!!! SHE said she likes them better because she doesn’t feel wet. OMG! After all this time I had them put away and they work so good! Wow!!!!
    – Latasha –

  4. AlPep LLC

    I was frustrated with use
    I was frustrated with use it did not live up to listed advantages – better sleep and convinced in use.
    – Cindy W. –

  5. AlPep LLC

    My wife who is on diuretics (Lasix), was 99.8% dry for the first day use with 1,400 ml urine output and she was dry 4 consecutive days after. This is a life changer, I hope UniSUC can be used by everyone dealing with this problem. The visiting nurse was amazed.
    – Joe V. –

  6. AlPep LLC

    No more UTIs! Life changing affordable incontinence solution
    This was an enormous help for my mother when she was bedbound. She kept getting UTIs from a foley catheter and PureWick was too expensive, which made me feel that there was no solution, because Purewick would have cost us $1000 just to get started. Plus, it didn’t work very well at the hospital. I was looking for an alternative that we would be able to use at home and I am really grateful that I came across UniSUC. I am certain it’s the only suction incontinence product that would have worked, and it did. My mom stopped getting UTIs and I am really grateful to have found this product so she could stay at home and be surrounded by family. Any time I had a question somebody from the company was there to return my call. I wish I had ordered sooner. Thank you.
    – Louis B. –

  7. AlPep LLC

    Satisfied customer.
    This thing really works at a fraction of the cost of other similar devices. Thanks!
    – Danny S. –

  8. AlPep LLC

    I am using the Unisuc for my mom, and it is exceeding expectations, not leaking in contrast to Purewick.
    One suggestion/request is could you consider offering the plastic triangle piece with an option for left or right side for the suction valve depending on which side of the bed/sleeping position people prefer. Otherwise the tube has to cross the body and it is more likely to slip or be under tension.
    I ended up purchasing the purewick pump since it is more compact and has a battery backup. It is working quite well with your suction system.

    – Tim –

  9. sharpaloha (verified owner)

    Aloha, Great product, incredible shopping experience. I ordered your vacuum pump, starter kit, and one month supply of liners on Tuesday 1/2/2024. They arrived at my mailbox in Hawaii on Friday 1/5. I assembled the system and began using it for my wife the first night. Everything worked perfectly. Seriously life changing for me.
    My wife had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago that made her left side nonresponsive and confined her to bed. I am her sole care giver 24/7. I normally get up for diaper changes during the night and have trouble going back to sleep. Your product allows me to skip the diaper changes and get a decent night’s sleep. I am more rested and better able to care for my wife. Important at my age (78.)
    Her hospital used Pure Wick when she spent several weeks in ICU after the stroke, so we have firsthand experience with both products. Frankly, I think UniSUC is more dependable and easier to use than Pure Wick. And breathtakingly less expensive.
    Problems… When I placed my order, you did not have Left Side frames available. I ordered one today. The Right-Side frame is a problem for the tubing run with her stroke condition and pump location. The hose has kinked a couple of times. The left side frame should arrive in a few days and will correct the problem.
    Last night my pump stopped suction a couple of times. The pump runs, the gauge shows vacuum, but there isn’t any. I contacted the company and got an email response the same day. With their advice I was able to resolve the problem. I also discovered Pure Wick has YouTube videos to help resolve vacuum issues.
    The pump is pretty noisy. I put the pump in our master bathroom and close the door at night. It helps, but I’m still looking on Amazon for something to reduce the noise.
    Thank you again. Keep up the good work.
    Aloha, James

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