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An Innovative & Universal Solution for Adult Urinary Incontinence.

What you need to begin using the UniSUC Urine Collection system.

Starter Pack

Starter Pack (Box) includes one UniSUC reusable Frame Device and a 10 Pack of Disposable Liners

High Volume Medical Suction Packages

Drive Suction Machine with a 2000ml/cc Canister and extended Patient tubing connnector. Packaged specifically to meet the needs of our customers.

Liner Refills

Refill your Starter Pack Disposable Liner supply with either a 20-Pack or 30-Pack set

From our Customers!

“No more UTIs! Life changing affordable incontinence solution.
This was an enormous help for my mother when she was bedbound. She kept getting UTIs from a foley catheter and PureWick was too expensive, which made me feel that there was no solution, because Purewick would have cost us $1000 just to get started. Plus, it didn’t work very well at the hospital. I was looking for an alternative that we would be able to use at home and I am really grateful that I came across UniSUC. I am certain it’s the only suction incontinence product that would have worked, and it did. My mom stopped getting UTIs and I am really grateful to have found this product so she could stay at home and be surrounded by family. Any time I had a question somebody from the company was there to return my call. I wish I had ordered sooner. Thank you.”

– Louis B. – 7/15/23

Very effective affordable pump and starter kit for UniSUC suction catheter
This is an extremely effective pump and cannister system for UniSUC and if you do not already have a vacuum pump then this is what you should buy. The pump can run continously and not overheat. Originally I was looking for a PureWick alternative because that’s what my family member was using at the hospital after she kept getting UTIs. The hospitals have suction cannisters built into the wall, so I had to get one because I only used UniSUC at home. I have run it for days without any issue. The larger 2000ml cannister also means that you do not have to monitor the container as frequently. This has a very clear gauge and also with the additional 10ft hose you can keep the machine in another room where the noise won’t bother the patient and it’s more sanitary. Definitely buy this if you are getting started. It completely takes the difficulty out of initially setting up.

– Louis B. – 7/15/23

“My wife who is on diuretics (Lasix), was 99.8% dry for the first day use with 1,400 ml urine output and she was dry 4 consecutive days after. This is a life changer, I hope UniSUC can be used by every”

– Joe V. – 6/22/23

“These folks have come up with a wonderful invention here, that solves all the problems that we have experienced with the PureWick product. Great people to deal with too, and they gave us personalized instructions and advice on top of very quick order processing and delivery”

– Mike J. – 5/13/23

“People should know there is an alternative to PureWick which is quite expensive. I just want to say how nice this product is in caring for my elderly mother. It has helped immensely in keeping her dry at night and has lessened our worries of reopening bed sores she got while in the hospital. Not to mention how nice it is that she is dry in the morning”

– Julie K. – 12/12/22

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