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MedTech Outlook Award to UniSUC:

“This award is in recognition of UniSUC’s stellar reputation and trust among customers and industry peers, evident in the numerous nominations we received from our subscribers.
UniSUC emerged as a Top Company after an exhaustive evaluation by an expert panel of C-level executives, industry thought
leaders, and our editorial board.”

UniSUC was a proud sponsor of the 2024 HASC Annual Meeting

AlPep LLC received a National Science Foundation I-Corps Grant to conduct customer research in early 2024.

AlPep LLC FDA 2024 Registration Renewal Number:  3023230882


AlPep LLC is a New, Innovative, and Agile company company formed by Allan and Alvin Pepito (brothers) primarily in order to develop and manufacture a product invented by Alvin Pepito which they have named UniSUC, a patent pending product they are highly confident will disrupt and revolutionize the adult incontinence management industry. UniSUC is an innovative product with highly desirable and universal features for the patient and caregiver unlike all other external catheter products currently available in the market.


At AlPep LLC, Manufacturing, Products Sales & Distribution, we aspire and strive for innovation and quality to provide the best products or solutions for our customers at every step of the process. UniSUC, our initial and main product line, is the worlds first “Unisex” Siphoning Non-Invasive Urinary Catheter system available on the market for Patients and the Medical Device/Products industry.


Alvin Pepito – Founder, Chief Executive Officer – RN, Industrial Engineer, Inventor, Entrepreneur

Alvin has excelled as a registered nurse and department lead in healthcare for the past five years and counting. Prior to nursing, he spent 22 successful years in the fabrication business, specializing in innovative design and engineering across various industries. Notable achievements include projects in the medical device field, such as Cordis Heart Catheter Thermal Incubation systems, and contributions to the energy and hospitality sectors. Today, Alvin’s patented unisex external urinary catheter is revolutionizing patient care, reducing workloads for caregivers and nurses, and cutting healthcare costs, making a significant impact in the medical device industry.

Allan Pepito – Founder, Chief Operating Officer – Business Process Management, QAE, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Investor

Allan has a 25 year background in Semiconductor Equipment Engineering and Chip Manufacturing. He has performed many technical and management cross functional roles. Prior to retirement from the Semiconductor Industry, he co-developed and lead Nikon Precision’s Quality Management System and processes, then managed NPI’s Engineering Change Control for Intel’s Photolithography department vendor compliance standards and certification, representing Nikon Precision Inc. as a QA Engineer. He brings his technical/engineering, management, QA, and business processes knowledge and experience into the partnership with his brother Alvin.

Maciej Witkos – CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER – MD, MSc, FAAEM, Inventor, Entrepreneur

With his extensive experience as an emergency medicine physician spanning over a decade in academic and community settings, Dr. Witkos brings invaluable expertise to the team. He is actively researching and working on improving care for geriatric patients through advancements in home health and home care devices. His commitment to innovation and compassionate healthcare aligns perfectly with the values and goals of AlPep LLC. We are honored to have Dr. Witkos as a part of our team, contributing to our mission of providing quality products, solutions, and care to our customers.