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32 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Hello,

    I just placed the following order only to find out after paying that it is on back-order. Your website indicated that this item was in stock and I need something now. If you cannot fill my order within reasonable time, which is determined by me, I will need a refund to by a different product. The collector was advertised in screw on/snap on, if that is issue, send me other. This is of utmost importance as my mother cannot safely leave her bed at night, time is most important factor here.

    Thank you in advance for making this situation right,
    Mary Miller

    1. Hello Mary,
      Thank you for your order. We appreciate your business. No worries on this item, it is in stock. We are processing your order now and we will keep you updated on the shipping status and tracking information as it becomes available.

      Thanks again!
      Customer Care

    1. In the hospital setting, frame replacement is required every 7 days. However, for home use, you can reuse indefinitely as long as the UniSUC frame is property disinfected. You may soak it in warm water with bleach or disinfected with other solutions and wipe properly. We suggest to have 2 frames on hand for continuous use.

  2. I’m going to be ordering the frame and liners to try, but will be using the canister she has for a few more months. Do you have the frame and liners in STOCK.. Thanks Pam Christianson 801-502-9823

    1. Hello Pamela,
      Yes, they are indeed in stock. We sell the Starter Pack/Kit which includes both the Frame and Liners.
      Here’s the link for the standard kit, which is the Right-Hand version:
      We also sell a Left-Handed version if you prefer:
      Both will work fine with your existing Suction Machine and Canister.

      Thank you,
      AlPep LLC Customer Care

  3. I already have a right-handed starter kit but just need the left-handed frame and cannot afford a whole new starter kit. Can we buy just the left-handed frame by itself? I am on a very limited disability income.

    1. Hi Casey,
      Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, no problem. We’ll send you a left-handed version at no additional cost to you.

      Thank you,
      AlPep LLC Customer Care

  4. Hi I received my daughters UniSuc, but can’t tell if its a LEFT side liner and in you inventory it says out of stock. She’s in a skilled nursing facility for awhile so I haven’t been to apartment to see if they are like the other ones. Thanks, Pam Just let me know if I was sent the right ones so when she gets back home she can use them.

  5. I see that my account indicates active subscription for the liners. Please confirm that is active and how it works. Will it be monthly or quarterly mailing of liners?

    In the startup kit with the frame, 7 of the liners were faulty. I used one, not having noticed, and a side seam came apart. Just an FYI for your quality control.

    The best is that the liners work well with the PureWick pump. I chose these liners for male use because it offers the best conditions for avoiding UTIs and other issues. My thanks to you for providing a product that helps my husband sleep through the night.

    1. Hi Linda, thank you for your positive feedback and letting us know about the 7 faulty liners. We apologize for the quality issue. We’re working on making sure we have better quality consistency. We’ll send you an extra 20-Pack to replace the faulty ones.
      I checked our subscribers list and I don’t see that you are actually signed up for either the 6mo or 1yr 30-Pack subscription.
      To sign up for either the 6mo or 1yr subscription program, follow this link and be sure to complete entering the credit card information for the monthly billing and payments:

      Once you’ve completed the form, your credit card will be billed for the first shipment and it will be billed monthly after that until either 6mo or 1yr is complete. After you are billed, the shipment of the 30-Pack liner will follow.
      If you run into problems with this process, please give us a call and I will assist you with setting it up.

      Thank you,
      AlPep LLC Customer Care

  6. I want to order another 2 liter vacuum collection cannister. Do you have them available. Either model 2 liter is fine.

    1. Hello,
      Sorry for the delayed response. Are you looking to order the entire Suction Machine Package with the 2 Liter Canister or just the 2 Liter Canister without the suction machine?
      If you just need the canister, we can make an arrangement so you can just order the canister.

      Thank you,
      AlPep LLC Customer Care

    1. Hello Sonya,
      So sorry for the late reply.
      How can we help you?
      You can also give us a call at Toll Free 877-709-0536 if you’d prefer to speak with us directly.

      AlPep LLC Customer Care

  7. Hello,

    I purchased a UniSUC Starter Kit via Amazon on October 4, 2023 (and another (spare) on November 27, 2023). One of the frames has developed a suction leak where the lower tube attaches to the crossmember just adjacent to the nozzle (RH side). The leak reduces the suction at the crotch area making the frame mostly ineffective.

    I tried to repair the leak with some sealant, but I was unsuccessful. If I flex the tube, a hole appears.

    Would a warranty cover this? If so, what is necessary for me to get a warranty replacement?

    1. Hello Charles,
      We apologize for the late reply. We have a 14 day return policy and 30 days replacement if you find any defects with the product. But we can send you a replacement for this problem that you are seeing. Since you purchased these through Amazon, we can’t retrieve your address. Can you please provide an address for us to ship your UniSUC RH replacement frame?

      AlPep LLC Customer Care

      1. What I’m gonna do, is to order a 75 piece liner kit and a suction tube via this site. Can you just put the replacement frame in the same box? Also, could you supply a LH frame to replace the RH frame? Thank you. ~Chuck

        1. What I meant was the 30-piece kit for $75. Also, I just noticed the 4-frame replacement kit for $60. I’ll just order one of those. Thanks.

          1. Hi Charles,
            The 4-Pack of Frames you ordered are the RH versions. But, no worries, we’ll send you a separate set of LH Frames (4-Pack) at no additional charge.

            SInce you are one of our long time customers, would you mind participating in our UniSUC Customer Survey? Its quick and it would really help us out with our data collection efforts to improve our product and know our customers better.

            AlPep LLC Customer Care

  8. Is this item FSA or HSA Eligible? It is my understanding that these products are not covered by private insurance or Medicare is that correct? I have an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis and incontinent, and that I don’t even know when the urine is flowing out of me.

    1. Hello Beth,
      Unfortunately, UniSUC is not yet registered with FSA or HSA, but you can still try it because we have registered the product and its tags as a Health and Personal Care product. Because we are still considered new, we are still in the timely process of getting registered with all the insurance companies and organizations, including Medicare. You can try the reimbursement route which our customers have tried.
      Here’s a link to some resources you can try:

      With that said, we have priced our system so that it is lower cost per use for our customers. Once you have your Starter Kit and pump system, per use cost with the refill liners comes out to $2.50 at our regular 30-Pack of Liners price, but can be as low as $2 per use when you sign up for the 1yr subscription for the 30-Pack liners.

      Hope this information was helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

      AlPep LLC Customer Care

  9. Hi, I have my daughter on the monthly subscription. I also ordered a new frame with the starter pack recently and it broke, is there anyway you can send a replacement as soon as possible? Pam Christianson 10091 South Glenmoor Dr., South Jordan, Utah 84009 Phone # 801-502-9823 Thank you, Pam

  10. Hello, was curious if your product would suit my father, would like to try it. Would you be able to provide a sample or a trial period for the unisuc frame and liner? Already have suction pump and tubing. Thank you!

    1. Hello,
      Sorry for the late reply. Do you already have a user account with us? If not, what I can do is send you a coupon code good for a Free Starter Kit that you can use to try out UniSUC.

      Thank you,
      AlPep LLC Customer Care

      1. Hello, just checking just in the status from the code for sample? Is there any other information needed from me? Thank you!

  11. Purchased frame with starter pack. Did not keep my mother dry. Watched your video and think I placed in correctly but her diaper was soaked with urine. What am I doing wrong.?

    1. Hi Donna,
      We’re sorry you are having difficulty. Please call us when you have a chance at 1-877-709-0536 or 1-562-474-6262.
      We’ll guide you step-by-step.

      Thank you,
      Customer Care

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