UniSUC Customer Experience Study

By Maciej Witkos

Patient and caretaker satisfaction with the UniSUC external catheter system

(updated 6/4/24, Ongoing)


Introduction: The UniSUC Universal External Catheter is an external catheter to collect urine in patients with urinary incontinence.  This study evaluated the satisfaction and opinions of patients using the system.  Methods:  An ongoing online survey is being conducted of patients and caregivers since May 2024 .  5-Point Likert Scale demographic and clinical questions on satisfaction and perceptions of UniSUC were asked.  5 indicating greatest satisfaction.   Results:  The UniSUC scored an average 4.43 for satisfaction, PureWick 2.16, p < 0.05.  For comfort UniSUC scored 4.57, PureWick 2.11, p < 0.05.  For dryness UniSUC 4.14, PureWick 2.05, p < 0.05.  For time savings UniSUC 4.33, PureWick 2.67, p < 0.05.   Discussion:  The UniSUC system scored statistically significantly higher in all categories compared to PureWick for urinary incontinence.  This study indicates that UniSUC is a viable and better option for patients who suffer from urinary incontinence.   Further studies to validate these results are needed.

Table 1 – Head-to-head comparison of UniSUC vs PureWick

(Scale: 5 = Excellent, 1 = Poor)

 UniSUC  PureWick  p value
Satisfaction4.432.16< 0.05
Comfort4.572.11< 0.05
Dryness4.142.05< 0.05
Time savings4.332.67< 0.05
Cost Efficiency4.141.3< 0.05
Improved Sleep4.482.32< 0.05
Ease of setup4.482.11< 0.05
Ease of use4.572.26< 0.05
Improved Dignity4.382.21< 0.05
UTI reduction4.212.21< 0.05
Fewer nighttime bathroom trips4.782.18< 0.05