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Welcome to AlPep LLC’s Website, where you can learn more about UniSUC, the only Universal & Unisex External Catheter solution for Adult Incontinence available today!

Introducing UniSUC, the world’s first “Unisex” External Urinary Catheter Device. Designed as a Universal
Solution regardless of patient gender and/or adult size. Easy to setup and apply. Connects to standard
hospital suction & collection canister tube 6mm-8mm connectors (or any Portable Suction/Aspirator
Machine). Will work with a minimum vacuum source of 60mmHg

Our Mission

AlPep LLC’s mission: To introduce innovative products with superior design into strategic markets that offers a better solution and alternative to existing products in that market.

Our first product, UniSUC, embodies this mission.  UniSUC is an EUCD External Urinary Catheter Device for Adult Urinary Incontinence Management that will be a game changer for improving patient care in the Health and Medical industry.